Shazzi’s Story

So many of my clients ask, ‘Why did i become a Spray Tanning Tec’.

Well the answer is very simple. Because i Love it.

When i was younger, nothing felt as good as to get a spray tan, especially if i had somewhere to go.

To me it felt like i had just been sprayed with some magical potion that gave me confidence, made me look slimmer and just hid all the imperfections that everyone was exposed to.

Good bye cellulite and spider veins see you again next week. lol

I could wear what i wanted and felt good about it. I also loved the compliments i would get with people saying “you look really good”, ‘have you lost weight” “you look nice and tanned” etc etc. Everyone loves to be complemented. It just makes your day. Well i know i do.Another thing that spray tanning did for me was to be able to look in the mirror and think,’oh i look ok today, the big bad mirror wasn’t so insulting’.? We are all very harsh on ourselves and we really should embrace our beauties and stop focusing on our flaws but sometime we just need a little help to see this.

Becoming a spray tan tec has now become so much more to me. After a few years of being spray tanned i wanted to do this for other people. I wanted everyone to feel how i felt when getting a tan done. Seeing clients actually liking what they see in the mirror and hearing that they have been getting compliments all day by far is the most rewarding feeling ever. It’s like seeing your a present being opened with smiles on their faces and thinking YES, they like it.

I feel truly blessed that i get to do what i love everyday, this is not a job for me but a passion. I get to meet so many wonderful people, and we are all here for the same reason, Because we want to look and feel great about ourselves.

Shazzi. xx
Ph: 0438702806