Preparation Tips


-Shave and exfoliate at least 24 hrs before your appointment. If waxing, give it around 48 hrs. before tanning. Make sure you  exfoliate the dry areas of your body such as the knees, ankles, feet and elbows. Try and avoid soap bars as they may leave residue on your skin
– Before your appointment be sure that you are free of all lotions, perfumes, make-up and deodorants as they can act as a barrier and prevent the tan from reacting properly with your skin.
– Remove all jewellery and pull hair back of your face and neck.




– Wear dark loose clothing.
– Try not to do anything that is going to make you sweat.
– Do not wash of until the recommended time of the solution. [ I use the 2 hr solution].  – when washing off the solution, just give a quick rise of in the shower with warm water. Don’t use any soaps or hair care products as this can streak your tan or make your tan become lighter.
– Do not apply any lotions until after you wash the solution off



Moisturise daily to help the skin stay hydrated so your tan will last longer
Stay out of Chlorine water as it will wash off.
Drink plenty of water as you need to keep your whole body hydrated not just your skin.